Megan Wilkinson

About Me

Megan Wilkinson (b.1997 Burnley England) practice aims to contrast the amorphous material qualities of glass with geometric spaces and materials. She seeks to understand the material properties of glass, and her investigations through kiln forming processes have informed and shaped her practice.

Wilkinson is drawn to the way glass powder naturally reacts when heated and trys to capture this movement in a frozen moment. Intrigued by the ways in which the strength of glass is often juxtaposed with its fragile qualities. The balance between strength and fragility, between amorphous and structured qualities, reflect her interest in the inter-relational aspects of phenomenology. This has pushed Megan to try to find this balance in the ways she interacts with the material.

Inspired by artists such as Christopher Wilmarth for his experimental work that explores the sensuous qualities of light through glass and metal which evoke the human experience. Seeking to generate the human experience in her own work, Megan fabricates spaces to immerse the viewer, exploiting the material qualities of glass.

The sculptures Wilkinson creates aim to capture the opposing qualities embodied in the works. The viewer might be drawn to the strength of the structures, and simultaneously scared by the fragility of the kinetic glass elements that will clearly deteriorate over time. The sculptures have ephemeral tendencies.

This is something that Megan has struggled with throughout the entire making process, but now accepts this challenging and often frustrating quality of glass. It is what intrigues her. Through this series of ominous sculptures, Wilkinson captures her close observations of the material. As interconnecting objects react to and create conversations with each other, they reference the relationship, communication and balance she has with the material as she works.

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